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Vision Trip Fundraising Letter

Below is an outline of the elements of a missionary support letter to build a financial and/or prayer team. Download as a printer-friendly PDF file. 

Support-Raising Communication Outline

A MissionNext Resource

The purpose of fundraising is simply to raise enough money to cover the cost of your trip. Support-raising, on the other hand, is putting together a team of people to partner in what you’re doing. As team members, we should look for opportunities to raise supporters who will encourage and pray for our team rather than just raise funds.

Support Letter Basics:

1) The letter should be visually appealing.

  • Make sure the letter is typed and properly formatted. If possible try to include some photos of the place you will be visiting. Try to keep the letter limited in length. Ideally the letter should be no more than one page. People are busy. The longer the letter, the lesser the chance it will be read.

2) The letter should be personal.

  • You’re sending these letters to people that you know and have relationship with.  Don’t let the letter sound like a generic form letter. If you’ve chosen to send them a letter, there’s a high likelihood that you probably feel that they like you. Let your personality be present in the letter so they can see why you are being moved to participate.

3) Be informative. Let the reader know: 

  • Where you’re going
  • When you’re going
  • What you’re doing
  • Specific financial needs and deadlines

4) Be clear and specific on steps by which they can respond (i.e. who is the check made payable to, who do they send it to, etc.).

5) Get the letter proofread for grammar and readability.

Sample Support Letter Outline:

• Salutation:

• Paragraph #1 – Greeting and setting

Give people an update on your life and some of the things God has been doing in your life that has brought you to the place where you are now participating in this trip.

• Paragraph #2 & 3 – Explanation of trip & ministry

Tell people where and when you're going as well as what you’ll be doing. Try to paint a picture of the place you’ll be serving and the ministry in which you'll be engaging.

• Paragraph #4 – Explanation of need, directions

Let people know clearly and specifically how they can support you (How much money is needed? How can they pray? etc). Be sure to clearly outline how they can respond (“use the enclosed envelope to send a check made payable to…” etc.)

• Paragraph #5 – Wrap-up

Thank them for their involvement in your life and this opportunity.

• Closing Salutation