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Key Events for the week

Tuesday  -  April 2, 2019 

Arrive at Casa Paraiso

Wednesday  -  April 3, 2019 

Expectations for Visit/Prayer 

Chapel at Crossroads Christian Academy  (CCA)

Panama Canal Visitors Center  

Journey Deepens Teaching Session

Thursday  -  April 4, 2019 

CCA Classroom Vists & Lunch 

Journey Deepens Teaching Session 

Dinner & Shopping at Albrook Mall (Google Chrome will translate)

Friday  -  April 5, 2019 

Juntos Podemos Classroom Visit

Journey Deepens Teaching Session

Dinner at Casco Viejo Entertainment District

Saturday  -  April 6, 2019  

Visit Indian Mission Work on Chargres River 

Social with Crossroads Faculty  

Sunday  -  April 7, 2019  

Service - Crossroads Bible Church 

Journey Deepens Teaching Session  

Debrief and Critique 

Monday  -  April 8, 2019