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What if I am not from North America?

The Journey Deepens provides a pathway for people to process entering missions from their current careers. The challneges for this journey are different for every culture. 

It is often not possible for American mission agencies to facilitate people who wish to join them from outside the US. Only the larger organizations have the capability to have someone contact you AND ONLY if they have a recruiting office in your country. Thus it is not likley that The Journey Deepens Retreat will be appropriate for anyone living outside North America. 

Please, first consult your church and missions leaders in your country for options that best fit you. We suggest that you take the initiative to contact mission organizations in your country. 

Be advised that most organizations in any country require you to raise support. Review resources on fundraising for the best insights on this subject for you and your ministry. However, beyond pointing you to the best resources, MissionNext cannot raise funds for you or your ministry. That is part of your assignment from the Lord.