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What Participants Say About TJD Retreats

“…beneficial resources for growth…lots of helpful information, resources to learn more and people with experience to seek advice from…”

“I was able to gain some clarity on where I thought God was leading my life. I know now He wants me to make what I do more intentional (like prayer and reading the Bible) and follow His calling (whatever that may be).”

“An enlightening weekend that allowed me to ask questions and get answers and allowed awesome alone time with God. The weekend both challenged me and allowed me to see that if God opens the doors to missions work it will not be easy.”

“I walked away triggered to consider how to return to plan A, a life of service with Christ…came away with ideas to do it.”

“Informative and intriguing…TJD motivated me to take the next step.”

"The Journey Deepens was encouraging to my spirit and provided new insight into ways I could serve the world community even here at home."

"I was challenged to take the next steps I need to take."

"God spoke to me about the next decade of my life. I am a communicator of truth. I am called to join Jesus in communicating vital truth to as many people as possible."

"This was a great time of serious reflection. It was a healthy atmosphere where our hearts have been opened and thoughts exposed so that real meaningful discussions can take place. It is helping us rethink what is stopping forward movement."

"Excellent if you want clarity for the future or have any interest in mission work!"

"My experience at The Journey Deepens was life changing, redirecting and refocusing. It was a lovely setting with spirit-led and passionate experienced leaders, agency reps and coaches."

"It was eye opening. God is in charge-not me or my plans and timing, only God's will. He is moving in my life."

"We are more aware of the opportunities available to us to do missions work and what it entails including sacrifices, commitments and spiritual warfare!"

"Everyone was encouraging and enthusiastic about missions. They were also very realistic about the fact that being in foreign missions is really hard and not what God has for everyone.”