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Saturday Representation at a TJD Retreat

One goal of The Journey Deepens is to facilitate interaction between prospective missionaries and mission agencies that have need of workers.  Since the ratio of participants to coaches is protected in the small groups, a limited number of coaches are needed at each retreat. 

We welcome you to be on site to represent your sending agency and be available to answer questions and interact with prospective missionaries. Retreat participants embrace opportunities to interact with multiple mission agencies during the retreat.  

Saturday is structured to allow mission agency representatives, other than those who are serving as coaches, to participate in the retreat. Exhibitors are welcome to set up a table at 10:30am, then join us for an informal lunch which provides a great time for individual conversation. We encourage retreat participants to schedule individual appointments with agency representatives between 12:30pm and 2:30pm so exhibitors should be available during those hours for these appointments. Exhibit booths must be dismantled by 2:30pm.

If you wish to register for Saturday only representation, please complete the Agency Application form.

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