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Host a TJD Retreat

We welcome an invitation from you to host The Journey Deepens retreat in your area.  We will partner with you and your agency to invite prospective missionaries from across the country to spend the weekend at your campus or at a nearby facility. 

If you want to utilize The Journey Deepens as a mobilization tool for your mission agency, please email tjd@missionnext.org to receive further information and to establish potential retreat dates.

Below are some helpful details when planning to co-sponsor The Journey Deepens in your area:

  • Provide a retreat facility with affordable meals (three Saturday plus breakfast Sunday), and adequate sleep accommodations for singles plus options for married couples.
  • Recommend a worship leader for four general sessions during the weekend. This person will have a phone interview with Don Parrott.  If needed in the meeting room, arrange to have a small sound system and sound technician.
  • Recommend missions coaches to serve in discussion groups.  These will be interviewed by Ele Parrott.  The ratio of coaches to participants is protected to promote personal interaction in small groups.
  • Promote the retreat to your leads.
  • Coordinate with Don Parrott, The Journey Deepens; tjd@missionnext.org

The Journey Deepens National office will handle details including:

  • Promoting the retreat in your area via a MissionNext websites and data base as well as through coordination with Perspectives courses
  • Registration and payment of participants and coaches via web and telephone inquiries
  • Payment for agreed-upon expenses for food, lodging accommodation and retreat expenses
  • Telephone interviews of mission coaches, speakers, and worship leaders
  • Coordination of details regarding scheduling and facilitation of weekend retreat

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